Journal of Person-Oriented Research (JPOR)

ARTICLES, volume 2 - 2016

Issue 1-2

Developments in Methods for Person-Oriented Research

2016-04-21, 16:49:37  
Wolfgang Wiedermann, Lars R. Bergman, and Alexander von Eye
pages 1–4.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.01
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The Nomothetic Function of the Idiographic Approach: Looking from Inside Out

2016-04-21, 16:47:18  
Jaan Valsiner
: pages 5–15
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.02
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Person-Oriented and Subject-Specific Methodology: Some Additional Remarks

2016-04-21, 16:43:16  
Peter C. M. Molenaar
pages 16–19.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.03
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Directional Dependence in the Analysis of Single Subjects

2016-04-21, 16:40:35  
Wolfgang Wiedermann and Alexander von Eye
pages 20–33.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.04
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Dynamics of Change and Change in Dynamics

2016-04-21, 16:37:00  
Steven M. Boker, Angela D. Staples, and Yueqin Hu
pages 34–55.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.05
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A Nonlinear Dynamic Model Applied to Data with Two Times of Measurement

2016-04-21, 16:33:11  
Anton Grip and Lars R. Bergman
pages 56–63.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.06
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A Configural Perspective of Interindividual Differences in Intraindividual Change

2016-04-21, 16:26:23  
Alexander von Eye1 and Wolfgang Wiedermann
pages 64–77.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.07
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Performing Cluster Analysis Within a Person-Oriented Context: Some Methods for Evaluating the Quality of Cluster Solutions

2016-04-21, 16:20:48  
András Vargha, Lars R. Bergman and Szabolcs Takács
pages 78–86.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.08
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The Rasch-Model From an Individual’s Perspective: The Item Rank Plot and the Compensation Test

2016-04-21, 16:16:56  
Rainer W. Alexandrowicz
pages 87–101.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.09
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The Potential of Mixed Methods for Person-Oriented Well-Being Research

2016-04-21, 16:13:01  
Ivo Ponocny and Christian Weismayer
pages 102–110.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.10
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Intimate Partner Violence, Mental Health, and HPA Axis Functioning

2016-04-21, 16:08:10  
G. Anne Bogat, Cecilia Martinez-Torteya, Alytia A. Levendosky, Alexander von Eye and Joseph Lonstein
pages 111–122.
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2016.11
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