Journal of Person-Oriented Research (JPOR)

ARTICLES, volume 1 - 2015

Issue 3

Editorial: The JPOR is expanding

2015-09-23, 10:10:58  
Lars-Gunnar Lundh and Lars R. Bergman
pages 111-112
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2015.11
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New Section of the JPOR: Subject-Specific Studies

2015-09-23, 10:09:17  
Peter C. M. Molenaar
page 113
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2015.12.
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The Circumplex Model of Occupational Well-being: Its Relation with Personality

2015-09-23, 10:01:48  
Anne Mäkikangas, Johanna Rantanen, Arnold B. Bakker, Marja-Liisa Kinnunen, Lea Pulkkinen, & Katja Kokko
pages 115-129
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2015.13
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Commentary on ”The Circumplex Model of Occupational Well-being: Its Relation with Personality”

2015-09-23, 09:58:22  
Magnus Sverke
page 130
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2015.14
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Two Sides of the same Coin: Do the Dual ‘Types’ of Passion Describe Distinct Subgroups of Individuals?

2015-09-23, 09:56:38  
Julia Moeller, Melanie Keiner, & Robert Grassinger
pages 131-150
doi: 10.17505/jpor.2015.15
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Allowing or fighting social anxiety: The role of psychological inflexibility in a non-clinical population

2015-09-23, 09:54:15  
Maria Tillfors, Christine Tol1, Mattias Branting, Katja Boersma, and Markus Jansson-Fröjmark
pages 151-161
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2015.16.
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Challenges for Person-Oriented Research: Some Considerations Based on Laursen’s Article "I don´t quite get it ..: Personal experiences with the person-oriented approach"

2015-09-23, 09:50:55  
Lars R. Bergman
pages 163-169
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2015.17.
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Disentangling the Holism of Intentional Systems From the Interactionism of Mechanistic Systems in Person-Oriented Research

2015-09-23, 09:48:33  
Artur Nilsson
pages 171-183
doi: 10.17505/jpor.2015.18
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Combining Holism and Interactionism. Towards a Conceptual Clarification

2015-09-23, 09:47:12  
Lars-Gunnar Lundh
pages 185-194
DOI: 10.17505/jpor.2015.19
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